Solar AI Table light: A New Era of Eco-friendly Lighting

Globally, the pursuit of environmental protection and sustainability is driving innovation in the lighting industry. The Mega Solar AI Table light, as a pioneer of this green revolution, integrates solar technology with intelligent artificial intelligence control, providing the perfect lighting solution for those pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

I. High-efficiency Light Source The Mega Solar AI desk light features a maximum luminous flux of up to 500 lumens and a high luminous efficacy of 230LM/W, successfully realizing the perfect fusion of low energy consumption and high brightness. This means you can enjoy bright and vivid light without worrying about high electricity bills.

II. High-performance Solar Panel Equipped with a monocrystalline silicon solar panel, this desk light has excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency. The 4.32V/1W solar panel ensures optimal power generation even in low-light conditions.

III. Long-lasting Battery Life The Mega Solar AI Table light with a 4AH lithium-ion battery provides exceptional standby time, ensuring continuous illumination even in the absence of sunlight. This makes it ideal for outdoor or indoor use, especially when power access is limited.

IV. Wide Operating Temperature Range The table light has been carefully designed to operate seamlessly over a wide range of temperatures. It can be charged between 0°C and 45°C and discharged between -20°C and 60°C. This ensures its adaptability in a wide range of climatic conditions, making it a global lighting solution.

V. Dual Color Temperature LED Chips Using high-quality LED chips from OSRAM, the Mega Solar AI Table light offers a choice of two color temperatures: 2700K for a warm and cozy atmosphere, and 5700K for bright and clear light. This allows users to customize their lighting experience based on needs and preferences.

VI. Durable Design The LED chips have an estimated lifespan of up to 2,000 hours, ensuring long-term stable performance and reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance. This not only saves costs but also helps reduce waste and environmental pollution.

VII. Flexible Charging Options The Mega Solar AI Desk light offers both solar charging and USB-C charging options, providing users with a variety of charging options. Whether relying entirely on solar power outdoors or using a USB port indoors, the light ensures uninterrupted lighting.

VIII. Diverse Lighting Modes With four lighting modes (M1 to M4), the Mega Solar AI Desk light offers a wide range of fixed color temperature and 100% brightness level options. Whether you need focused task lighting, ambient lighting, or anything in between, the desk light’s diverse modes will meet your requirements.

IX. Intelligent Charging Indicator Equipped with a dual-color LED indicator, the desk light provides visual feedback on charging status and battery level. This enables the user to understand the power status of the light and thus plan the charging time accordingly.

X. Dust and Water Resistant Design With an IP44 rating, the Mega Solar AI Table light can withstand dust and splashing water for outdoor use or indoor environments prone to dust accumulation. This ensures its durability and reliability in harsh conditions.

The Mega Solar AI Table light is more than just a lighting tool; it is a profound interpretation of the concept of green and smart living. By choosing Mega, you are investing in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future while bringing an efficient and aesthetically pleasing light source to your living space. Join us in opening a new era of eco-friendly lighting.

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