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Why Choose Our Commercial Smart Solar Lighting Products


Adopt the advanced low-power Bluetooth mesh networking, security and stability,so it’s more suitable for the outdoor smart home products of Networking.


All SOTTO brand luminaires can be connected to each other through the one-touch operation of the APP, start your all-round outdoor lighting experience.


Try out some popular classic scenes in the smart “Application”menu by professional designers which is more humanized.


Slide up or down on the luminaire APP control icon to adjust the colour temperature & brightness of the luminaire.


Set the devices or a scene to turn on/off at custom times daily according to your personal life habits.

5-Year Warranty

High quality commercial solar lights, provide at least 5 years warranty.

Solar Outdoor Light Project

Solar outdoor lights are perfect for community, parks, campgrounds, commercial spaces and more!

Mexico Guanajuato Villa Project

This modern minimalist-style house was built in the exclusive residential area of Country Club Gran Jardin in Guanajuato, Mexico. These modern design solar fixtures blend in perfectly with the villa’s architectural style.

The project is an integrated outdoor lighting solution for the villa built by SOTTLOT New Energy in cooperation with a local engineering builder. The homeowner needed to install Solaraxy Series and Adelot Series outdoor lighting fixtures in the front yard, backyard, garage, and walls of the house to achieve a full range of lighting for the outdoor areas of the villa.

Solaraxy Series and Adelot Series solar lighting provide excellent illumination, and these new lights will help homeowners create an elegant, chic and comfortable living environment.

Southern France Roquebrune Hotel Project

Roquebrune is a dazzling and affluent beach resort in Southern France. This gorgeous resort is built around a hill with a historic center winding out from the church and castle at the top of the hill.

As the hotel’s director was looking for supplemental outdoor patio lighting to upgrade the hotel’s ambiance, he contacted SOTTLOT New Energy’s local partner distributor in France and wanted to purchase a number of solar-powered luminaires that required no wiring, were easy to install and had stable performance.

Tracker Bollard Post Light was installed in the courtyard of this Renaissance-style hotel, providing lighting for the pool, garden, terrace, and balcony. These luminaires help to provide the hotel with a quality light ambiance, making the stay beautiful and comfortable.

Coastal City Municipal Landscape Project

The project is a coastal city municipal landscape project, and the project contractor required lights to be installed along the shoreline promenade and sidewalks connecting the two parks. The luminaires had to be marine grade corrosion, explosion and water resistant to withstand the coastal environment of wet, windy and highly saline air.

Tracker Bollard Post Light has coastal city commercial lighting standards, and has 360° sun-chasing high-efficiency charging, ALS 7-day rainy day lighting, TCS temperature protection, ” Dark Sky ” eco-friendly lighting and many other powerful technologies, which can bring stable lighting and beautiful light to the bay, It is favored by the project engineering contractor.

The application of this project Tracker in the coastal city not only solves the lighting and management needs of the bay park efficiently and intelligently, but also facilitates nearby residents and tourists to come to the bay for a walk at night, increasing the light and comfort of the night and playing the role of landscape lighting and creating a beautiful environment.

Australia Queensland Private Marina Project

Hope Island, has a world-class marina with unique water views and a floating dock. Responding to the Australian Government’s Powering Australia plan, marina builders hope to use environmentally friendly and energy-saving lamps suitable for private marinas to provide safe lighting for marinas at night and improve service experience in residential areas.

Tracker Bollard Post Light uses high-quality waterproof, anti-corrosion, and anti-collision materials. It has environmental protection, low energy consumption, and intelligent performance, making it an ideal lighting fixture for coastal and dock environments. Provide maximum charging energy storage through AI 360° sun tracking, automatically sense the night, adapt to weather changes, brightness adjustment, and scene settings, realize all-round smart energy-saving lighting management of the marina, reduce unnecessary excessive lighting, thereby reducing Energy consumption, saving energy.

The client praised our professionalism and revealed that there were many competitors bidding, but none of them offered lighting with AI solar tracking and efficient charging functions.

Australia Seaside B&Bs Project

The client wanted to upgrade the lighting at the entrance of the homestay to enhance the comfort and experience of tourists. Considering the unique location and harsh seaside environment, the client wanted to find a corrosion-resistant and durable lighting solution.

Tracker Bollard Post Light is highly anti-corrosion and marine-grade waterproof, so there is no need to worry about the erosion of the lamps in the harsh seaside environment, and it has a Dark Sky Eco-friendly Lighting Design, comfortable and soft light, beautiful and elegant appearance, which can well meet the above requirements.

Because Sottlot’s lamps have intelligent control functions, customers can easily use the Adelot App to set the brightness and timing of the lights. Therefore, when tourists return to the homestay at night, they can see the bright entrance, which increases the sense of security at night; during the rest time, the brightness of the lights is dimmed, which does not affect the rest of the tourists.

After installing the Tracker Bollard Post Light in the homestay, it saved energy and maintenance costs, created good economic benefits for customers, and was recognized by customers.

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