Our Story

We call it a hallmark of The Times .

Our story begins in 2004 — The energy landscape change after the millennium(major blackouts in the USA, Canada, The UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, etc.) reveals the serious shortcomings of supply forms of traditional energy.  

We often wonder, what power does nature give to human beings?  What kind of service experience can intelligence provide for human beings?  How to

 achieve natural-to-technological conversion efficiency at minimum cost?  

At Sottlot, we think about three things when creating products: design and R & D capabilities and user experience, and efficient cost conversion.  Like other leading brands, our products are first-class and durable.  What’s different is that we can incorporate all the scenarios that users can imagine into each of our products.  

Sottlot headquartered in Shenzhen, China, belongs to SRESKY which has 18 years of rich experience in the solar lighting industry. Inheriting the excellent design genes and the strong research and development capabilities of SRESKY’s family, Sottlot extends its product field to household products suitable for every family member and has been sharing our passion with the world.  When users buy our products, they not only have a product but also become a member of the Sottlot family, inseparable from each other. 

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