Sottlot Shines at Three Major Trade Shows and Leads in Solar Lighting

As the spring breeze of April fades, Sottlot (a subsidiary of Sresky) is turning a new page in its global lighting journey. At the recently concluded Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair 2024, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2024, and the 135th Canton Fair, Sottlot has successfully attracted worldwide attention with its outstanding solar street lamps, wall lamps, garden lamps, table lamps, and other intelligent solar lamps and lanterns, thereby proving its strength and innovative spirit in the field of solar lighting.

Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair: A Brilliant Stage for Solar Lighting Technology
At the Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair, Sottlot drew the attention of many visitors with its unique series of solar lighting products. The company’s solar wall lamps, garden lamps, and other products received unanimous praise for their high energy efficiency and beautiful design. The fair not only allowed Sottlot to further expand its brand influence but also provided a valuable opportunity to establish closer relationships with global customers.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition): The Perfect Combination of Smart Home and Solar Lighting
Following the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Sottlot once again demonstrated its innovative power in the field of solar lighting. The company showcased not only the latest solar lighting products but also intelligent control systems compatible with mobile apps. Sottlot’s smart home products were highly sought after by most visitors, further solidifying the company’s leading position in solar lighting.

The 135th Canton Fair: A Sign of Strength for Made in China
As one of China’s largest trade fairs, the 135th Canton Fair provided an excellent platform for Sottlot to present its products. At the Canton Fair, Sottlot exhibited its complete range of solar lighting products, including street lamps, wall lamps, garden lamps, table lamps, etc., attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign buyers. With high-quality products and professional services, the company secured a large number of orders and cooperation intentions, further strengthening brand recognition and competitiveness in the market.

With the successful conclusion of the fair, Sottlot has gained a wealth of results and valuable experiences. In the future, Sottlot will continue to adhere to the core values of vitality, love, growth, and excellence, intensify its research and development efforts, and bring more high-quality solar lighting products and intelligent systems to the market. At the same time, Sottlot will actively expand the international market and build closer cooperation with global customers to jointly promote the development and progress in the field of solar lighting.

As a subsidiary of the Sresky Group, Sottlot has achieved remarkable success in the field of solar lighting. The company’s products are widely used in private, commercial, and public facilities and are well received by customers. It is expected that Sottlot will maintain its innovative spirit and leading position in the future, offering better and more environmentally friendly lighting solutions to customers worldwide.

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