Sottlot Solar Wall Light Innovator:Lighting up Your Green Life Trail

In the era of green living, solar  lamps have become the ideal choice for outdoor lighting due to their environmentally friendly and energy-saving qualities. SOTTLOT, with its innovative technology and excellent quality, has launched the SWL-31 solar wall light, bringing an unprecedented lighting experience to your outdoor space. Today, let’s explore the unique charm of this product and the infinite possibilities of green lighting.

Highly Bright LEDs for a Bright Outdoor Space
The SWL-31 solar wall light is equipped with high-brightness LED lamps, with a total brightness of up to 700 lumens, ensuring that your outdoor space is brightly and evenly illuminated. Its innovative up and down lighting design distributes light evenly, creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere for patio strolls or terrace parties.

High-Efficiency Solar Panels, Green Energy Conversion Experts
This solar wall light features high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels that quickly convert solar energy into electrical energy. Even on cloudy days or in low-light environments, it ensures a stable energy supply, eliminating concerns about insufficient power and contributing positively to the Earth’s environment.

Intelligent Light-Sensing Technology, Automatic Brightness Adjustment
The SWL-31 solar wall light utilizes ALS2.3 core light-sensing technology, which automatically senses ambient light and adjusts brightness accordingly. It conserves energy by switching off during the day and turns on at night, adjusting to the most comfortable level, showcasing the convenience and practicality of intelligent design.

Wide Lighting Angle, No Dead Angle Coverage
With a rotationally symmetrical 120° lighting design, this solar wall light covers a wider area, ensuring comprehensive and even illumination with no dead angles. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, it delivers a uniform lighting effect.Various Installation Methods to Meet Individual Needs
The SWL-31 solar wall light supports a variety of installation methods, including screw support, cable ties, and wall mounting. Additionally, a special magnetic mounting option allows for easy attachment to metal surfaces without wall damage. This flexibility ensures you can choose the most suitable installation method for your needs.

Humanized Design, Comfortable Experience First
The SWL-31 solar wall light is crafted from lightweight and durable ABS+PC material, making it not only robust but also easy to clean and maintain. With a focus on user experience, it features a waterproof and dustproof design to ensure reliable operation in all weather conditions. The light also includes overcharge and over-discharge protection, effectively extending the battery life and ensuring safety.

The SOTTLOT SWL-31 solar wall light has emerged as a leader in outdoor lighting with its innovative technology and superior quality. It offers high-brightness LEDs, efficient solar panels, intelligent light-sensing technology, a wide lighting angle, diverse installation methods, and a humanized design to provide bright and comfortable lighting for your outdoor space. Join the green lighting movement and contribute to the global environment with SOTTLOT SWL-31.





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